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Pair of 1970s Vintage Glass Bottles with Wicker Basket



A perfect pair of beautiful glass bottles. Circa 1970s, these glass bottles come with a wicker basket which has a handle for complete portability. Picnic ready, how cute would it be for a romantic summer lunch date? Adorable!

The wicker basket's handle is multicolored creating a gamut of brown tones. You get a range of colors from light brown, beige, tan, cream to dark brown. Placed on any kitchen counter, or table, these glass bottles with the wicker basket add instant charm to your home.

The wicker basket itself is 9.75" tall from the bottom to the very top of the handle. The large, U-shaped handle makes the basket very easy to carry. Measuring in at 6.25" wide, the wicker basket is able to hold each vintage glass bottle separately, giving each one its own place.

The vintage glass bottles themselves are each 6.25" tall. The glass itself is a blue-green hue. Good gift for an aqua-color lover! Moreover, these vintage glass bottles are able to hold liquids such as oil & balsamic vinegar, or his & hers wine. Being 2.5" wide, each bottle is the perfect width to hold in your hand.

Item Specifications:

9.75" tall Wicker Basket
6.25" wide Wicker Basket
6.25" tall Vintage Glass Bottles
2.5" widest point of Vintage Glass Bottles

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